Scholars celebrated in Completion Ceremony

07 June 2022 | News

A sextet of Manaaki New Zealand Scholars were congratulated, as well as bid farewell, last week at a Completion Ceremony.

They had come from Indonesia, Vietnam, Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa and Papua New Guinea to study at Lincoln on scholarships administered by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, as part of the New Zealand Aid Programme.

The group included five new doctors, and the Completion Ceremony is a celebration and farewell for those either completing (or close to completing) their qualifications and returning to their home country, as they may not be able to attend Graduation.

Scholars gain leadership and practical skills to assist in identified areas of need at home, but the programme also builds links with New Zealand.

They were presented with a certificate by Lincoln University Vice-Chancellor Professor Grant Edwards, as well as mementos in front of friends and family, and their lecturers and supervisors.