Scholarship recipient finds friendly advice worth listening to

27 October 2021 | News

Simon Gubbins Scholarship recipient, Callum Jamie, travelled across the Tasman to study at Lincoln on a recommendation from a family friend.

That friend was a recent Lincoln graduate, and Callum has undertaken a degree in agricultural science, though he comes from an urban area of Adelaide, and has “no real rural background”.

“I am a city kid really,” he said, “And there is no farming in the family”.

But he was looking for something a bit different in science and the advice was “pretty convincing”.

The scholarship is awarded to support an Australian student who wishes to study Agriculture at Lincoln University.

It was established in 2012 in memory of Simon Gubbins who studied at Lincoln University and went on to demonstrate significant leadership qualities in many agricultural organisations in Australia.

Both of Callum’s parents are Kiwis, though he was born in Singapore. and he had a desire to visit New Zealand at some stage.

When he came in February it did involve two-week managed isolation, and he has not been able to return to see his family yet.

“I’m hoping I might be able to at Christmas.” he said.

He also hoped to catch up with some cousins too.

Callum didn’t know anyone when he came but he enjoyed living in the Halls at Lincoln, where he has made new friends, and has joined the Hunting and Tramping Club, as well as Ski Club, as he liked being outdoors, and taking advantage of Lincoln’s proximity to the mountains and scenic areas.

He also made the Dean’s List for his academic performance in Semester 1.

Over the holidays he will have a stint on a dairy farm in Kurow as part of his degree’s practical work components, which he looked forward to, as it would be a new experience and a real taste of farming in New Zealand.

Though COVID might be preventing his trip home, Callum is more than happy he decided to study at Lincoln, and appreciated receiving the scholarship and the financial assistance it offered.

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