Sheep farmers surveyed on sustainability challenges

04 June 2021 | Research News

What challenges are New Zealand sheep farmers facing as their industry strives for sustainability?

Lincoln University Master’s student, Jemma Penelope, aims to find out as part of the research for her paper, “Are we there yet? Industry readiness for sustainable bioeconomy transitions – a case study of the New Zealand sheep farming industry”.

She is looking for sheep farmers willing to participate in an online survey that includes questions about how prepared or ready they personally feel for the change.

“The research focuses on the gap between our current position in terms of the sustainability of New Zealand’s agricultural industries, and where we want to be as a country, in order to understand how best to close that gap,” Jemma said.

“It isn't about taking a measurement of sustainability in New Zealand agriculture, or on any one farm.

“Instead, it’s asking New Zealand sheep farmers about their experiences being part of an industry making a transition towards a state of sustainability – where the people, profit and environment can continue to be their best for generations to come.

“The outcomes of the research will focus on observations and recommendations about the types of tools that New Zealand sheep farmers are ready for, how to improve sustainability tools, and where opportunities may lie to prepare farmers for sustainability tool use and sustainability bioeconomic transition.”

Take part in the survey here.

Image: New Zealand Story, Kieren Scott