Student water research conference in full flow next week

29 October 2021 | News

Research examining a range of impacts on our precious water resources will be shared at the 2021 Waterways Postgraduate Student Conference on 3 November.

The student-organised annual event is hosted by the Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management, a teaching and research centre based at both Lincoln University and the University of Canterbury (UC).

The conference alternates between the Lincoln and Canterbury campuses, and this year, it will be held at UC. 

Two Lincoln University research students presenting their work at the event are Mawardah Nur Hanifiyani (Master of Planning) and Glenis Ann Narte (Master of Water Resource Management). 

Mawardah Nur Hanifiyani's research examines the local authority standards that regulate excessive sedimentation of waterways and coastal environments from plantation forests and explores whether they are stringent enough.

She will also give insights into the issues involved in implementing national direction.

Glenis Ann Narte's research looks at phosphorus transport in urban streams, which helps improve strategies for monitoring and managing the nutrient burden in the Heathcote River.

Other presenters come from a wide range of schools, departments and institutes from both universities, including Waterways, Environmental Management, Biology, Geology, Geography, Chemistry and Natural Resources Engineering.

They will present on a wide range of topics, such as sociohydrology, environmental planning, fluvial geomorphology, groundwater dynamics, freshwater ecology and environmental pollution.

COVID-19 requirements have restricted entry to 100 attendees, but interested parties can be put on a waiting list.

More information about the event can be found here