Three-Minute Thesis video presentations

02 September 2021 | News

3MT is an annual competition that challenges thesis students to describe their research to an intelligent but non-academic audience in only three minutes, using just one powerpoint slide.

The competition was run slightly differently this year, as all contestants submitted pre-recorded videos instead of giving live presentations. Judges selected 10 finalists, whose video presentations were screened at a grand final event on 12 August. 

Check out the presentations below. 

Top three finalists

Minoo Mohajer presents her research on how to improve grape quality and yield.

Kati Hewitt discusses how to deal with pastoral insect pests in the face of climate change.

Priscilla Creppy talks about how to help rice farmers in Myanmar improve the marketability of their product.

Other finalists

Guanyu (Hanley) Chen discusses how well our landscape designs are performing.

Glenis Narte presents her research about the transportation of phosphorus within rivers.

Tsewang Nuru Sherpa discusses facilitating a garbage deposit scheme for increased sustainability.

Nyembezi Nina Soko talks about the impact of public spending on food production in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

Christy Songola presents his research about the complex interactions between water and natural environmental tracers.

Learn more about the annual Three-Minute Thesis competition here.