Transfer to Lincoln

Good news! If you have studied at another tertiary institution in Aotearoa New Zealand, you may be able to transfer your credit to a Lincoln qualification.

Some study at overseas tertiary institutions may also be transferred. By transferring the credit you’ve already received, you can reduce the amount of time that it will take to complete a Lincoln University qualification.

Credit is awarded to recognise the achievement of previous study at a recognised tertiary institution, helping you to enter Lincoln courses at higher levels and contribute to the total credit required to complete the Lincoln qualification.

If you provide sufficient evidence (documentation) with your application, your credit may be specified rather than unspecified if the courses are considered equivalent.

The process

To apply for credit at Lincoln, you will need to complete the Credit Application form and provide supporting documents. Your application will be assessed. 

Credit applications can take several weeks process, so it's best to apply as early as possible before you start studying with us. We may need to verify that the courses have not been used towards a qualification elsewhere. We will try our best to ensure your application is finalised before the start of your study, although this may not be possible. 

What does transferring cost?

We do not charge for the credit assessment. However, there is a $100 fee for transferring any credit/exemptions awarded to your Lincoln University academic record.

If you have any questions about transferring to Lincoln, please get in touch.

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