Advanced Livestock Production

Course overview

This course is not offered in 2023

A course of advanced study to grow your knowledge and understanding of future-sustainable and ethical pastoral livestock agricultural production systems for sheep, beef, dairy, deer and goats.

Course information

Prerequisites and Restrictions You must satisfy the following requirement(s):


  • Advanced Livestock Production, ANSC-635A


  • restriction Advanced Livestock Production, ANSC-609
  • restriction Advanced Livestock Production, ANSC-610
  • restriction Advanced Livestock Production, ANSC-611
  • restriction Advanced Livestock Production, ANSC-611A
  • restriction Advanced Livestock Production, ANSC-611B
  • restriction Advanced Livestock Production, ANSC-612
  • restriction Advanced Livestock Production, ANSC-613
  • restriction Advanced Livestock Production, ANSC-614
  • restriction Advanced Livestock Production, ANSC-615
  • restriction Advanced Livestock Production, ANSC-616
  • restriction Special Topic in Applied Animal Research, ANSC-623
  • restriction Special Topic in Grazing Ecology, ANSC-624
  • restriction ST: Dry Cow Feeding Strategies, ANSC-625
  • restriction Special Topic in Dairy Cattle Reproduction Part A, ANSC-625A
  • restriction Special Topic in Dairy Cattle Reproduction Part B, ANSC-625B
  • restriction Special Topic, ANSC-626
  • restriction Special Topic in Tropical Livestock Health and Production, ANSC-627
  • restriction Special Topic in Dairy Cow Nutrition, ANSC-628
  • restriction Special Topic in Milk Fatty Acids, ANSC-626
  • restriction special topic in Biocontrol Potential of Internal Parasites in Sust Agr, ANSC-626B
  • restriction Special Topic in Advanced Livestock Production, ANSC-629
  • restriction Special Topic in Sustainable Management of Nematode Parasites, ANSC-630
  • restriction Advanced Dairy Production Systems, ANSC-634
  • restriction Wool Production, WOSC-601
  • restriction Wool Production, WOSC-601A
  • restriction Wool Production, WOSC-601B
  • restriction Topics in Advanced Livestock Production, ANSC-636
Available semesters Semester 1 2023 Semester 2 2023
Credits 40
Domestic fees $1,360.00

What you will learn

After successfully completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Critically discuss and review a broad range of current and future issues in pastoral livestock production.
  2. Interpret and apply modern literature in animal production science and grazing systems.
  3. Formulate complex scientific arguments and present these effectively in both written and oral form.
  4. Appreciate contemporary standards in animal welfare and human health, and how they are impacted by professional practice in livestock production.

Course examiners

Pablo Gregorini

Professor Pablo Gregorini

Head of Lincoln University Centre of Excellence for Designing Future Productive Landscapes

Department of Agricultural Sciences

[email protected]