ACCT 624

CPA Advanced Audit and Assurance

Course overview

An advanced study of external and internal audit procedures plus how international standards can be applied to complex audits.

Course information

Prerequisites and Restrictions You must satisfy the following requirement(s):

Your Academic Program is M.Professional Accting (CPA), 7761


your Academic Program is M.Professional Accting (CPA), 7762

Available semesters Semester 1 2024
Credits 20
Domestic fees $1,383.00

What you will learn

After successfully completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  1.  Define and apply the framework for audit and review engagements and assurance engagements (other than audits or reviews).
  2. Explain then apply the requirements of the audit, review and assurance standards that are applicable to audit and review engagements and assurance engagements (other than audits or reviews).
  3. Identify business risks and assess audit materiality.
  4. Identify and describe the various types of assurance engagements and the role of the internal audit function.
  5. Identify the legal and professional requirements for audit and review reporting.
  6. Explain the purpose and role of performance audits.
  7. Design the audit process to be undertaken by auditors in conducting audit and assurance engagements.
  8. Apply the relevant auditing standards to the assessment for fraud and going concern in an audit of financial statements.
  9. Apply advanced evidence-gathering techniques and carry out tests of controls and substantive audit procedures.
  10. Examine various types of reporting (associated with reasonable, limited or no assurance).
  11. Carry out the performance audit.
  12. Recognise the importance of the quality control standards for audit and assurance engagements.
  13. Appreciate the fundamental ethical principles for the auditing profession.
  14. Appreciate the value of learning from others by participating in group discussions and team work.

Course examiners

Gloria Hao

Dr Gloria Hao

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce