BMGT 324

International Management

Course overview

You’ll link International management theory with practice. The business of management that crosses borders has its own unique issues. You’ll learn how to formulate and implement international business strategies.

Course information

Prerequisites and Restrictions You must satisfy the following requirement(s):
  • a minimum of 60 credit point(s) from the course(s) specified below
  • a minimum of 60 credit point(s) from the course(s) specified below
  • any level 200 course
  • any level 300 course


  • restriction Cross-Cultural Management, BMGT-313

Available semesters Semester 2 2024
Credits 15
Domestic fees $794.00

What you will learn

After successfully completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Understand how to manage international businesses and employees as part of the organisation’s strategic and HRM framework.

  2. Familiarise yourself with various tools and techniques that are used to solve problems in international management.

  3. Understand the context and explain the influences of the global business environment including governance and control of value chains.

  4. Link international management theory with practice.

  5. Investigate the international business arena with a view to providing a formally structured report with recommendations.

  6. Apply tools and techniques to analyse the international business environment and to assess implications of international management.

Course examiners

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Gary Bridgman


Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce