ECON 609

Quantitative Economic Analysis

Course overview

You’ll be exposed to advanced economic research methods and economic modelling. Topics include the methodology of testing economic theories, specification analysis and model validation techniques and analysis of dynamic econometric models.

Course information

Available semesters Semester 2 2024
Credits 20
Domestic fees $1,383.00

What you will learn

After successfully completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Understand principles of econometric techniques that are widely used in applied economic and financial research and acquire the foundation to further econometric studies.
  2. Estimate econometric models and test model adequacy in the presence of non-experimentally generated data and the uncertainty regarding the ‘true’ model specification.
  3. Formulate and test economic hypotheses in the statistical framework.
  4. Effectively use popular econometric software (Excel, Eviews and R).

Course examiners

Baiding Hu

Associate Professor Baiding Hu

Head of Department

Department of Global Value Chains and Trade