SOSC 222

Soil Science II

Course overview

You’ll unearth essential skills in soil science. You’ll evaluate their chemical, physical and biological composition, and the interactions of soils with living organisms.

Course information

Prerequisites and Restrictions You must satisfy the following requirement(s):


  • Soil Science I, SOSC-106

Available semesters Semester 2 2024
Credits 15
Domestic fees $1,040.00

Please note: This course can’t be fully completed online as you will need to be on campus to complete some activities.

What you will learn

After successfully completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Describe the chemical, physical and biological components of soil, their properties and inter-relationships.
  2. Apply concepts of soil formation and the soil forming factor model to explain the pattern and properties of soils in selected regions of Aotearoa-New Zealand
  3. Be prepared for advanced studies in soil science and the description and management of the soil resource.

Course examiners

Leo Condron

Professor Leo Condron


Department of Soil and Physical Sciences