WATR 301

Water Resource Management

Course overview

You’ll cultivate skills to manage water resources, analysing issues from multiple perspectives to find the best solutions.

Course information

Prerequisites and Restrictions You must satisfy the following requirement(s):
  • a minimum of 45 credit point(s) from the course(s) specified below
  • a minimum of 45 credit point(s) from the course(s) specified below
  • any level 200 course
  • any level 300 course

Credits 15
Domestic fees $943.00

What you will learn

After successfully completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Understand key policies and planning frameworks for freshwater management in Aotearoa-New Zealand.
  2. Explain and provide examples of economic, environmental, social, and cultural values in relation to freshwater resources.
  3. Understand and apply a range of Māori concepts to freshwater management.
  4. Identify competing stakeholder interests in water resource management in New Zealand.
  5. Outline recent changes in the regulation of agricultural water use in Canterbury and New Zealand, and their impacts for water users.
  6. Identify water resource management issues particular to urban environments.
  7. Explain the challenges that climate change poses for water resource management.
  8. Distinguish key water resource management approaches based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Course examiners

Ed Challies

Dr Ed Challies

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Environment, Society and Design