Climate change study inspired by personal experience

18 March 2022 | News

A Lincoln University Māori and Pasifika Accommodation Scholarship has helped Punipuao Moananu seek ways to address the issues affecting her homeland.

She was born and raised in Samoa, but her family moved to Greymouth five years ago “in search of better opportunities”.

 “Growing up and witnessing changes in our local community, such as the rising of sea level due to climate change, fueled my desire to perform sustainable work and raise awareness, so I chose to study a Bachelor of Environment and Society at Lincoln University.

 “I was advised to apply for the Accommodation Scholarship by the Lincoln University Pacific Island Student Association (LUPISA), and it has relieved any financial stress, allowing me to focus more on my studies and enjoy university life. 

 “I chose to study at Lincoln University because it supplies the necessary resources and framework needed to achieve my goals. “

 This $5000 scholarship was established in 2017 to support Māori and Pasifika students who are entering undergraduate or sub-degree study at Lincoln University and who show strong leadership potential in their communities.

The scholarship is one of many available to Māori and Pasifika students which close on 31 March.

You can find more about those, and apply for them, here