PhD Scholarship allows focus to be on research

15 September 2021 | News

Hoani Smith is passionate about sport and improving people’s physical and psychological performance.

The Lincoln University Doctoral Scholarship has helped him to follow that passion.

The strength and conditioning coach at the LU Gym is now able to only work part-time while studying for his PhD because of the financial assistance the scholarship offers.

It is one of three scholarships giving doctoral students the opportunity to focus on their research by offering financial support, and includes the William Machin Doctoral Scholarship for Excellence and the BK Otway Education Foundation Doctoral Scholarship.  They all cover tuition fees and offer an annual stipend.

Applications for all three close 1 October.

"For my PhD, I’m interested in measuring the internal and external workload demands placed on competitive team sport athletes,” Hoani said.

"By understanding these demands, coaches are able to understand the physical and psychological demands placed on each individual and adjust their training protocols to suit.

"I’m also looking into new methods of training to reduce overall internal workload demands while at the same time increasing performance.”

He said the PhD scholarship had removed the financial burden of a student loan and let him focus on his research full-time.

If you are intending to study for your PhD, apply now for a doctoral scholarship.