Summer job offer part of scholarship package

01 November 2023 | News

Agriculture students Zoey Davis and Sally Inch are the 2024 recipients of a scholarship that offers more than much-appreciated financial help.

It also includes the offer of work in the summer, allowing them to gain invaluable practical experience.

Richie Turner, left, Zoey Davis, Sally Inch and Dave Turner.

The Rakaia Island Scholarships were established in 2022 to assist and recognise students at Lincoln University with a passion for agriculture.

Dave Turner and his son Richie, owners of the dairy farming business Rakaia Island, came on-campus recently to present Zoey and Sally with their certificates.

The Turners milk 4700 dairy cows and graze 2500 yearling heifers and calves on four dairy farms, so there should be plenty of work opportunities for Zoey and Sally.

Sally will be starting her Diploma in Farm Management next year and is currently completing her Diploma in Agriculture.

She grew up on a dairy farm in Maruia on the West Coast, and is finding the course interesting, is thoroughly enjoying her time at Lincoln, and said the $5000 scholarship would help financially.

Zoey, from Riversdale in Southland, will be entering the third year of her Bachelor of Agriculture in 2024.

She is looking forward to contributing to the agricultural industry and is interested in travelling overseas to experience agriculture in other countries.

"I have a passion for many areas of farming, especially dairy farming and other stock work," she said.

Rakaia Island wants to support students with a keen interest in the industry and recognises the value Lincoln University plays within the industry.

The scholarship is one of many generously offered to Lincoln University students from individuals, trusts, community organisations, companies, industry groups and the Government. They are available for a range of programmes and purposes, and close at different times.

Learn more about them here.