Horticulture a massive growth industry

09 November 2021 | News

When you join the horticultural industry, you’ll be helping to lead the way towards a healthier, more sustainable future for food production.

NZ: The perfect environment

Aotearoa New Zealand is in an excellent position to help feed the world, due to its fresh and pure produce, which is grown from a healthy environment of clear UV light, pristine water, and variety of climates.

As a young country with slow soil turnover, there’s plenty of goodness in the ground to grow great food.

New Zealand’s horticulture industry had a $6.4 billion value in 2019 and that’s only going to increase, with the sector growing by 64% over the past decade due to investment in new varieties of crops, growing techniques, and harvest and post-harvest practices.

Career paths galore

Making a career out of looking after the land and delivering nutritious produce to Aotearoa and the rest of the world is an exceptionally rewarding undertaking. You might be involved in developing technology, growing food, or designing new products and selling them to the world.

New Zealand exports fruits and vegetables to 130 countries, as well as supplying the local food market. Career opportunities abound in production, science, technology and business. Learn more about potential career paths on the Go Horticulture website.

60000 employed v2

High employment

60,000 people are employed in the New Zealand horticulture industry.

6.4 value

Major economic value

The New Zealand horticulture industry was worth $6.4 billion in 2019.

100+ types of fruit

Huge industry development

The New Zealand horticulture industry has grown by 64% over the past decade.

100+ types of fruit 1

Wide-ranging produce

100+ different types of fruits and vegetables are grown in New Zealand.

Lincoln: An ideal training ground

Employers desperately need professionals with horticultural expertise and Lincoln University’s strong applied knowledge and research base offer the ideal environment for your training.

Lincoln offers a range of specialised qualifications – many of which are fees-free – that will prepare you to become a leader in the thriving horticultural industry and make you instantly employable in careers across the sector.

All of Lincoln’s horticultural programmes offer skills that can be immediately put into practice, with exposure to real-world industry case studies and a problem-solving learning approach.

Apply now to begin growing your career in horticulture.