Environmental graduate makes her mark on campus

19 September 2022 | News

Graduate Amy Wells is continuing her studies to help reduce the environmental impact of agriculture.

However, she is leaving her own impact on Lincoln.

She graduated this year with a Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science) but has stayed on to complete her Honours degree, and she’ll be at the Lincoln Graduation Celebration on Friday 23 September.

"I want to work with farmers to help them navigate environmental regulations and reduce their impacts," she said.

Amy is a Future Leader Scholar, has a DairyNZ Scholarship and a JMH Tripp Agricultural Scholarship on her resume, and recently received the Southern Environmental Trust Scholarship.

She has also won a Gold Award from Lincoln, in recognition of her work in the community and on campus.

Amy was a co-founder of the Lincoln Student Volunteer Army, as well as a campus class representative, Vice-President of the Soil Society and a leader for Lincoln Brownies.

"Coming from a dairy farm, Lincoln’s land-based focus appealed.

"I’ve enjoyed being able to link what we learn to the real world and learning about industry-leading research. The Future Leader program is unparalleled and I’m grateful for the opportunities and support I’ve received from it.

"Highlights of my time at Lincoln have included the many friends I’ve made and establishing a Student Volunteer Army Club. 

"Another highlight has been being a leader for Lincoln Brownies.

"It’s been cool to share my knowledge from classes like ecology and the girls loved visiting the university for bouldering and bike safety."