John R. Templin Scholarship

The J R Templin Scholarship was established to provide Scholarships for students in Engineering and Horticulture and is open to graduates from the University of Canterbury or Lincoln University.

The Scholarship is tenable for research, higher studies or practical experience in engineering or horticulture, at a University or Institution in the United States of America or Canada. The University or Institution must be approved by Perpetual Guardian and the Selection Committee.

For more information contact Tania Fraser at Perpetual Guardian


Scholarships are tenable for one year covering tuition costs and reasonable costs of travel, accommodation and related living expenses for the duration of the study period.

Closing Date

31 October

Selection Criteria

  • For postgraduate study or research in the USA or Canada
  • For study in Horticulture


  • Applicants must be under 30 years of age, of Māori or Pākehā descent and a New Zealand or British citizen.