International students welcomed to campus after border reopening

04 August 2022 | News

More than 100 international students and their families were welcomed to Lincoln yesterday, with some returning to continue their programmes and others arriving on campus for the first time.

New Zealand's borders opened on 31 July to all countries following two years of restrictions due to COVID-19, allowing the students to resume their programmes in person after studying online in their home countries. The group is made up of students at all levels of their study career, up to PhD. 

Many began their Lincoln journey virtually, so will now be able to enjoy meeting their fellow students and lecturers in person.

They were welcomed by Lincoln University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Grant Edwards, while Education New Zealand (ENZ) Business Development Manager, Andy Walker, handed out pins featuring a Pikorua design as part of ENZ's Tū Ngātahi programme showing international students that they are welcome in New Zealand, and that we all benefit when we work together.